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Prior to getting married I would typically go to the grocery store and purchase food with no real direction at all. I would create meals in my head as I shopped and spend way too much time in the grocery store. Once I got married all of that changed. My husband’s food tastes were different from mine and he ate really healthy food and I on the other hand, was a bit less stringent with my diet. So in order to combat both of our needs I started to meal plan to create meals that were both healthy and would please my husband’s palette as well as my own.

What happened next was that I eventually created what I know now as a master grocery list. A master grocery list is essentially a list of the most commonly purchased grocery items in your household. The benefits of creating  a master grocery list are that  it will save you time in the grocery store, help you stick to your budget,  and  help to better control what goes into our bodies by not buying random food items.


Here’s a look at my typical master grocery list. (I.e items that I buy on my major grocery trips)

4lbs of GrassFed Ground Beef

2- 4lbs of Wild Caught Salmon or Flounder

Two Dozen Pasture Raised Eggs

Organic Oatmeal

2lbs Turkey Chops or Chicken

Coconut Oil

14 loose fruits (chosen based on their current price)

2 – 3 bushels of green leafy  vegetables (kale,spinach or chard)

3 – 5 pounds of carrots

Maple Syrup or Honey


Almond Milk (1-2 cartons)

Peanut or Almond Butter


Quinoa or Brown Rice

Squash (zuchinni, yellow squash)

Potatoes (sweet, russet, or Yukon)



Various nuts (almond, walnuts or peanuts)

Snacks (if the budget allows)

As you can see my list is super  simple. As I mentioned before, we try to eat pretty healthy so the staples are the same in our home. I love that my master grocery list is super specific. It  allows me to spend less time in the grocery store and it also allows me to not go over budget as well.  

So tell me, do you have a master grocery list?