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I have to preface this blog post by saying if “couponing” is your thing and it’s working for your family keep doing it. I’m not here to convince you otherwise. I am just merely sharing why I don’t coupon. I’ve seen people take the extreme “couponing” route to help supply shelters, help loved ones, or high school sports teams out and I think those are admirable deeds. I’ve also seen the opposite side of the spectrum where people purchase an abundance of items, that they typically wouldn’t and wind up hoarding, and this is the route that I don’t want to take. So below are a few reasons that I don’t coupon.


It’s super time consuming
Meal planning and prepping my grocery list is a task in and of itself. It took me a bit and now I’ve got it down to a science with my master grocery list so I have a general idea of how much things cost and what I’ll spend. My spidey  senses tell me that if I try to incorporate “couponing” into my grocery regimen a few things can happen. One being that I’ll  possibly spend more money than I anticipated by being enticed by a new item, and/or  the grocery process will take longer because I have to take the time to search for, cut out and organize coupons for my trips. I don’t think I’m ok with either.

There are rarely if ever any  coupons for healthy or organic foods
We try to eat clean in our household, which means  that I typically opt for fresh veggies and fruits and minimally processed meats. We don’t typically buy anything in boxes or cans, however, when we do, I typically choose store brands that I’m familiar with because they are less expensive. I’ve yet to see a coupon for kale, carrots, chard or any organic meats. If so, I’d gladly clip those coupons.

Coupons are advertisements
Coupons are simply another form of marketing and advertisements.  Manufacturers want you to buy their products, even at a discount. It’s a psychological game. They entice you with a few cents off of their products in hopes that you’ll be intrigued enough to buy it and the next thing you know you’ve added said product to your basket and increased your grocery budget. Don’t fall into the trap. Buy only what you intended to buy especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

Now, I will say that I am open to couponing things like tissue, dish soap, and laundry detergent. However, I am loyal to only a certain few brands. So if anyone wants to share how they successfully coupons toiletries, I’m all ears.

Tell me your method for couponing?  I want to know. Leave a comment!