How to Get Paid to Take Online Surveys At Home

I am always open to opportunities for making money online. So when I heard that you could get paid to take online surveys I started my research. I make a decent amount of money doing online surveys and I don’t spend a ton of time doing so.  While researching legitimate sites to get paid to take online  surveys, and I’ve started to develop strategies to getting the most from theses sites. First, you’re not going to get rich, and you probably won’t be able to make a livelihood from it. Second, there is a method to get paid to take online surveys. Lastly, most online surveys are horrible. So for that reason,  I limit myself to only very few survey sites. MTurk.com and my absolute favorite survey site which is, Prolific Academic. But this blog will specifically be about how to get paid to take surveys on Prolific Academic’s site.

Get Paid to Take Online Surveys at Home.

When I first started doing surveys the biggest frustration for me was seeing that most paid survey sites have  payment metrics that was points based. I need to  know how much I am going to make in actual dollars before I waste my time on a survey.  Site transparency is also  necessary.  How long is the the survey going to take? Are the requirements clear?  When will I get paid? How will I get paid. If the site doesn’t offer that information up front, I’m not wasting my time.  Prolific Academic has two cash out options. One being PayPal and the other is a new app called Circle. I personally use Circle because  cashouts over 20 pounds is completely free to you. Anything between 5-19.99 pounds and you’ll pay a nominal fee to cashout. Either way it’s less than Paypal’s cashout fee and the processing time is about the same.

Why I Like Prolific Academy Surveys

Unlike other survey sites, you may start a survey only to find out that you won’t qualify, waste your time and possibly never get paid for the survey.  That sucks and is very discouraging. Anytime this happens I write off  that survey site.  This never happens on Prolific.  If you fill out your profile correctly there is no reason that you’ll ever have to return a survey. Also, surveys are posted in a pretty consistent manner so typically you’ll get access to take several surveys a day. Surveys typically are available less when  Universities are out for Holidays and or Summer, Spring and Winter breaks. So be mindful of that.

How To Sign Up to Take Paid Online Surveys at Home

1) Use this link to sign up for Prolific . (For the record this is a referral link so I do make a small commission if you actually sign up and take surveys.)

2) Make Sure that you fill out ALL of the pre-screening questions. Every single one of them. This is imperative if you want to actually start getting survey notifications.

3) Use Google Chrome when taking the surveys and download the Prolific Assistant from the Chrome Store to get desktop notifications when a survey is available for you. FYI, you must keep the webpage open in order to get the notifications. The notification is audible and it says “Prolific Study Found”.

Lastly, be patient. It may take a little time to start making decent money taking surveys. But  you’ll soon get the hang of it.

What’s your favorite survey site, and why? Leave me a link below in the comments. Referral links welcome 🙂