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How to be Beautiful on The Inside

If you truly want to know how to be beautiful, to others and more importantly to yourself, it truly starts on the inside. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. The most beautiful people that I’ve encountered would probably not be considered beauty queens by the worlds standards but their character traits and welcoming attitudes always make them more attractive.

So here’s a list of how to be beautiful, on the inside, in 5 Simple steps.

Be gracious
Speak negatively about no one. Be peaceable and never allow gossip to escape your lips. I have a friend who immediately shuts up when the conversation turns towards speaking negatively of others. I literally have never ever heard her gossip. I’ve always thought that was such an admirable and beautiful trait. Comfort those in need, and when you need to tell someone the real honest truth do so in private, in a manner that shows that you care, or don’t say it at all. In a society that lauds “keeping it real”, it’s also important to ‘keep it kind ‘ as well. Intentions matter when communicating information, so be gracious and treat others as you want to be treated.

Smile and laugh….a lot
There’s nothing more beautiful than a person who’s chooses to enjoy life. Make it a habit to smile everyday, and try to smile at as many people as you can. Smile at the cashier, your neighbor, your co worker and any other person that crosses your path. You have no idea who’s day you will brighten just by smiling and acknowledging their presence.

Be Grateful
There is always something to be grateful for. Even when you are down take a moment to reflect on what’s going well in your life and develop an attitude of gratitude. Stop comparing your journey or life to other people and be grateful for what you have. When you do this you will start to feel and look better to others.

Compliment Someone
Compliment the cashier on how kind they always are, tell your friend that her hair looks nice today. Tell your co worker that you think that her outfit is ah-mazing. Doing so will not only make their day brighter but will also impact your day in a positive manner as well. And don’t forget to say thank you and express some genuine gratitude when someone does something nice for you.

Be Generous
If you can and when you can, try to be a blessing to someone. Even if you don’t have money, give your time. Offer to help a stressed out friend clean their home, cook a meal, babysit for an hour, or just lend a listening ear. Text them to say hi, I’m just thinking of you and I hope that you are doing well. I’ve had several friends who have done this for me before and it has impacted me more than any gift that they could have ever purchased for me.

Once you’ve put those things into practice, then you can start working on perfecting being beautiful on the outside.

“Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Colossians 4:6”

Who’s the most beautiful person you know? What makes them so beautiful?