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Who doesn’t love date night? It’s a perfect time to be intentional about re-connecting with your spouse and to have a little fun. Gone are the days of the dinner and a movie date. Times have changed as well as interests and hobbies so now it’s time to get a bit creative with date nights. Here I’ll introduce you to 8 non traditional date ideas.


Take a Day Trip

Google the closest attraction to your city, that you have not visited or seen, and take a  day trip there. Pack a lunch, or stop at a cool eating spot along the way.  Don’t forget to take a bunch of pics too, so that you can have photos to reminisce about later.

Visit a Museum
Museums are typically cheap or free on certain days so why not visit. The exhibits can be great conversation starters and you’ll be mentally stimulated as well.

Take a Cooking Class
Who doesn’t like to eat?  Search your local health food  or favorite restaurant to  inquire whether they offer  cooking classes in your area.

Take a Dancing Class(salsa, jazz, bachata, tap)
Whether you have two left feet or you’re a natural on the dance floor a dancing class can be super fun. It’s great exercise, and forces you to be close to your spouse. You can even show off your new moves at the next wedding that you attend.

Volunteer at a Local Soup Kitchen
There are few feelings greater than the feeling of helping someone in need. And you’ll learn a lot about compassion and empathy just by giving to the less fortunate. There’s also  the benefit that you’ll realize how fortunate you are and remember not to take each other for granted while volunteering.

Rent a Court and Play Tennis
Cardio and bonding, sign me up!  Most tennis courts are super cheap or free so save the cash and put it in your emergency fund  for a rainy day.

Make it a themed couples date night
Taco Tuesday, Build your own Pizza, All things Italian. Whatever you choose make sure every couple is involved and is responsible for a dish. This way you lessen your hosting load and save a few dollars.

Go To a local open mic show – Perform if you’re brave!
Karaoke anybody? Show off your skills by participating or just visiting a local open mic. Sing a song to or with your spouse or just watch everyone else perform. Either way the night is guaranteed to be loads of fun.


What is the best date you’ve ever been on! Comment below!