7 Ways to Elevate your Decor on a Budget

When on a budget decorating can be a challenge. However ,you don’t have to settle when it comes to your decor. Believe it or not,  it’s truly the accessories that make the decor and most items can be purchased for a fairly reasonable price. Design experts typically advise that you save for the  major pieces that you love and start your decor journey with the small affordable accessories. To get a jumpstart on decorating here are 7 ways to elevate your decor on a budget.


Nothing ruins good  decor more than clutter. Do yourself a favor a declutter before you start the design process. If you don’t know where to start, check out this blog post. Doing so will help you to see your place with a fresh set of eyes.  Surfaces only should be lightly decorated. This helps with cleaning and dusting. Walls should not be filled with lots of pictures. A gallery wall is fine but try to keep it symmetrical.  Get rid of things that you don’t need or use. Sell it, give it away, or trash it. If you feel really attached to something, stow it awy in a closet or garage to see if perhaps you can incorporate it later. The clutter in your home is typically indicative of the clutter in your mind.  So take some type to declutter before you begin decorating.


Plants are the most simple and least expensive way to add color and life to your interior. Cacti, mother in law tongues  and orchids are my favorite types of plants when I want to add some life to my decor. They also make a big impact in your room.  Plants are cost efficient as well because succulents last a super long time if you care for them properly, as well as orchids. I’ve found that the  least expensive place to buy succulents and fresh flowers are Aldi, IKEA, and most home improvement stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Put your plants, especially succulents in  window sills, on bookshelves, coffee tables, end tables and dining room tables for maximum effect.


A bad paint job and paint color can really change the  energy of a room, and affect resale value as well. Most design professionals would recommend sticking to neutrals when painting.  Greys, beiges, and whites can have a major impact when paired properly with the right accessories. And if you tend to get bored easily  you’ll soon hate it if you chose a super bold paint color. The following paint colors are classics and on trend this season. Sherwin Williams grey screen, agreeable gray, and flannel grey are all super gorgeous neutrals that work with all decor.


My preference is one large piece of art work over several smaller  pieces. This helps to determine a focal point and reduce the appearance of clutter. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on museum style art. You can  DIY  abstract art if you are crafty. Or if you have a talent for taking photos  go around your town or neighborhood and take pictures of your favorite places.  Use those vacation pictures that you have on your iPhone as artwork in your home. If you’re fancy and your budget allows then visit Horchow.com as they have beautiful pieces. Of artwork.


Mirrors add light without adding windows. This tip is especially beneficial for the natural light challenged homes. Pop two or three mirrors in a room, depending on the space, for instant brightness. Experiment with different mirror  shapes. Round mirrors are super chic and very on trend right now. They also work with most decor. Ikea’s Stockholm Mirror is beautiful and has a bit of dimension that adds to a space. Target also has a beautiful rustic round mirror and a brass one.  Floor length leaner mirrors are classic (don’t forget to affix them to the wall).  Mirrors are great for entryways, stairwells, behind a sofa( in lieu of artwork) and above bedside tables.


Rugs are super important aspect of a room. However they can be overwhelming when purchasing. If the rug isn’t right then the whole room is thrown off. . First you want to  determine your rug size. For reference sake use this link here to help with determining the proper size rug. Second choose a rug. Budget friendly rugs can be purchased at places like Ross, TJ Maxx, At Home and Ikea. RugsUSA, is also an excellent choice for rugs. They are always running a special and sometimes you can snag a rug for 80% off.  4 years ago West Elm had an $800 rug that I was obsessed with. I went over to Rugs USA and found practically the identical rug for half that price and it has lasted several years.

Lamps & Lighting

The right lamp and lighting can have a the best impact on a room. Bad lighting can cause your your decor to look dated . Rubbed bronze, matte black and natural wood lamps or glass based lamps are suitable for many homes. Natural elements are best when choosing lighting. Also, try to only  Lamps that are minimal in design, unless your space is large. This is not a hard and fast rule but for lighting that is more permanent in nature (i.e chandeliers) then make sure that if you go gaudy that you’re willing to keep the item for a prolonged amount of time. If you have a large scale room  then you can choose a lamp with a bigger impact. For a bedside table or desk this Hearth and Hand lamp is perfect. Lamps Plus Open Box  is also a great option for discounted lighting.

Thinking of amping up your decor? What do you plan to do first? Tell me in the comments.