how to get out of debt quickly

How To Get Out of Debt Fast

How to get out of  debt quickly The average American has about nearly $15,000 in consumer debt. Debt has taken a toll on nearly 80% of the American population and it seems that we all are fighting understand how to get out of debt quickly. No matter the reason you’re in debt the fact remains that in order to get out of debt…

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decorating on a budget

7 Ways to Elevate your Decor on a Budget

When on a budget decorating can be a challenge. However ,you don’t have to settle when it comes to your decor. Believe it or not,  it’s truly the accessories that make the decor and most items can be purchased for a fairly reasonable price. Design experts typically advise that you save for the  major pieces that you love and start your decor journey…

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How To Buy a Home

How to Buy A House | A 6 Step Comprehensive Guide

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming process, but it really doesn’t have to be. Four years ago when I got my real estate license I started to notice that my client based were primarily home buyers. Most were completely naive to the home buying process and had not done any research. While I appreciated them hiring me to guide them, I…

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how to get paid taking surveys

How to Get Paid to Take Online Surveys At Home

I am always open to opportunities for making money online. So when I heard that you could get paid to take online surveys I started my research. I make a decent amount of money doing online surveys and I don’t spend a ton of time doing so.  While researching legitimate sites to get paid to take online  surveys, and I’ve started to develop…

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Healthy Living, Uncategorized

How to be Beautiful on The Inside

If you truly want to know how to be beautiful, to others and more importantly to yourself, it truly starts on the inside. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. The most beautiful people that I’ve encountered would probably not be considered beauty queens by the worlds standards but their character traits and welcoming attitudes always make them more attractive. So here’s a…

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Finances, How To save Money


I have to preface this blog post by saying if “couponing” is your thing and it’s working for your family keep doing it. I’m not here to convince you otherwise. I am just merely sharing why I don’t coupon. I’ve seen people take the extreme “couponing” route to help supply shelters, help loved ones, or high school sports teams out and I think…

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Healthy Living


Who doesn’t love date night? It’s a perfect time to be intentional about re-connecting with your spouse and to have a little fun. Gone are the days of the dinner and a movie date. Times have changed as well as interests and hobbies so now it’s time to get a bit creative with date nights. Here I’ll introduce you to 8 non traditional…

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Home Decor, Splurge or Steal


Have you ever found that one item that you were completely obsessed with only to find for some odd reason you weren’t able to procure it? Happened to me a few months ago. I was searching  endlessly for a modern shaped L sectional. I came across the Henry Sectional, featured as my splurge, and I was sold. I loved it, I went to…

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